Bar/Bat Mitzvah Service

This Bar/Bat mitzvah booklet has a complete Shabbat morning service for the occasion, along with a vision for understanding the true purpose and meaning of Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Also provided are practical suggestions for making the occasion as spiritually significant as possible.

Messianic Bar/Bat Mitzvah Booklet $6.00

Messianic Bar/Bat Mitzvah CD $8.00 (Entire Hebrew Portions)

Messianic Bar/Bat Mitzvah Chord Sheets Booklet $6.00


This booklet contains chords for all of the songs and liturgy in the Bar Mitzvah Booklet. As such, it covers a good portion of the liturgy for any Shabbat morning service.


Click the music player to the right to listen to Page 23 “Aytz Chayeem He”