Messianic Passover Hagaddah


This Haggadah takes fresh new approaches to making the Seder service enlightening, exciting and very understandable while following traditional patterns and format. There is no “starvation” before the meal, Lamb is central, and the prophetic implications are well explained. If you have been looking for a Haggadah that ties things together well and is enjoyable to use, look no further! A CD with all the Hebrew portions chanted is also available.

Also available is “Passover For the Nations” a Christian guide to celebrating the Lord’s Supper and Passover Meal, a way for believers to celebrate their salvation.

Messianic Passover Haggadah $6.00

Passover Haggadah CD $8.00

Passover for the Nations $6.00


Click the music player to the right to listen to Page 4 “Blowing of the Shofar”