National Liturgy Conference CDs

The January 2003 National Liturgy Conference CD’s are now available individually, and as a set (15 CD‘s in all – $100). The 4 CD David Rosenberg seminar, “Making Liturgy and Worship Echad,” ($25) is an exceptional teaching that would be of interest to all who want to make their services more dynamic and worshipful. Contact us for the complete list of all the conference CD’s.

National Liturgy Conference CDs (Set of 15) $100.00

Making Liturgy and Worship Echad CDs (Set of 4) $30.00

Friday Night CDs (Set of 2) $15.00

Shabbat Morning CDs (Set of 3) $21.00

Shabbat Afternoon Open Forum CDs (Set of 2) $15.00

Saturday Night Message CDs (Set of 2) $15.00

Sunday Morning Shachareet Service and Message CDs (Set of 2) $14.00

Shalom friends!

Messianic Liturgical Resources (MLR) is pleased to announce that CD’s are now available with the entire program from the recent First National Messianic Liturgy Conference, “Making Liturgy Worshipful.”

The Friday Night Conference Shabbat Service includes worship and teaching by David Finkelstein of Congregation Rosh Pina, and the Shabbat Morning Service includes a message by Neal Surasky of Congregation Emmanuel, and a Torah teaching by Jeremiah Greenberg.

On Shabbat afternoon there was an Open Forum session with liturgy sharing, and a question and answer period.

Saturday night began with a full Havdalah service, and was followed by Jeremiah Greenberg addressing the gathering with a message on Cantors and liturgy.

Sunday morning was ushered in with a Shachareet (daily morning) service led by Rabbi Irv Horseman of Congregation Rosh Pina, which he then followed up with a liturgy teaching.

Afterward, Rabbi David Rosenberg of Shuvah Yisrael Congregation, led a four and a half hour seminar on “Making Liturgy and Worship Echad.” In his very dynamic message, Rabbi Rosenberg touched on numerous issues in Messianic Congregational life, keeping us almost spellbound with his many insights, examples and innovations in giving meaning to liturgy, worship, and the messianic calling.

I believe that this conference provides major teaching that would aid anyone seeking to enhance the quality of congregational liturgical worship, besides providing “meat” in such related areas as insights into conducting services.