Siddur Powerpoint

With about 450 slides, the Messianic Powerpoint Shabbat Siddur follows the complete order of service found in the Siddur book. That is, services for Erev Shabbat, Shabbat Morning, Havdalla, plus other bonus material.

Both the PP Machzor and the PP Siddur follow the text of the hardbound volumes currently distributed by MLR. To more easily overview the new PowerPoint presentations, it is suggested that the user obtain the hardbound volumes with introductory and explanatory notes, and the available CD sets which have all of the Hebrew portions chanted.

  • All of the Hebrew liturgy has English and transliteration
  • The slides have a textured parchment background
  • The bottom quarter or third of the slide is left blank for easier viewing
  • PowerPoint margins have been retained to avoid any screening problems
  • The Hebrew text is an image so as to avoid font problems.
  • The English and transliteration are in a common Microsoft font so that the PP user can change the English translation or transliteration if desired.

Contact us for sample slides.

Powerpoint Messianic Shabbat Siddur $99.00