Z’mirot Shabbat Music CDs

Volume 1
Volume 2
These two volumes are a unique, traditional, spiritual form of Hebrew praise with catchy, easy-to-follow tunes. They are sung by Jeremiah Greenberg with accompaniment. Traditionally sung around the table at Shabbat meals, most of the lyrics are from the Scriptures, and many speak of Messiah. The translation of each song is given as an introduction, as the tune begins.

cdsiddur_set_thmbChord Sheet Booklet also available (Includes Volumes 1 & 2)


Zmirot Shabbat Volume 1 $12.00

Zmirot Shabbat Volume 2 $12.00

Zmirot Shabbat Volume 1 & 2 Chord Booklet $6.00

Volume 1
Kohl M’kahdaysh Sh’vee-ee
Yesm’choo Hashahmayeem
Yome Zeh M’choobahd
Ayeleh Chahmdah Leebee
Ahchakeh Low
Yeesmahch Moshe
Kole Renah
*Bin Bahm
Yee Yee Yee Yisrael
Ootzoo Ayetzah V’toofahr
Sh’lowsha D’vahreem
Sheh-hashalom Shehlow
Hosheah et Ahmehcha

Volume 2
Ayeleyahoo Hanavee
V’tahair Leebaynoo
V’kahrave P’zooraynoo
Ahl Teerah
Ehsah Ayenai
* Ahv Harachameem
Ahrave Yom
Loolay Torahtcha
Peetchoo Lee
Oovnay Ohtcha
Hanishama Lahch
Harahchamahn Hooyahkeem

Volume 2 Songs 4-12 © Shlomo Carlebach used with permission